The most epic paddling weekend

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The most epic paddling weekend

Postby bdk » Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:28 pm

A decent rain event moved through the Southeast the Tuesday before New Year's. Provided some spectacular flows for the next five days of boating. Looking back on this extended weekend of boating, it is possibly the best 5 best days of back to back boating I have ever had. Here's a little recap.

Wednesday. Headed to the GSMNP for a run down Upper Big Creek.


Looking down into one of the greatest sequences of WW in the South. Action Alley
Thursday. Started day on Section O of the Chattooga River Dave D and J Wall. Level was around 1000 cfs.


Dave D heading into Bull Pen Rapid

Finished up the day over in the Jocassee drainage with a run down the White Water River with T. Keane and Coondog


Takeout sign


55 MPH

Friday. Headed back over towards the Chattooga with Dave D, J Wall, Ben Peters, Hadden and several others for a run down the ultra classic Overflow Creek.


Hadden and Dave finishing up Marginal Monster

Saturday. J Wall and I decided to check out the Thompson. Another tributary to Lake Jocassee. This creek seems to fall straight off the face of the earth. Huge slides!! Found out the run was over when I rounded a bend and there was a bass boat doing some fishing.


Skate Park.


J Wall dropping another slide into a rainbow


Stacked up double drop on the Thompson

Sunday. Met up Tage and J Wall for a quick run down a juicy Horsepasture River. This run is quicly becoming one of my favorites. Hike in 1.5 miles. Paddle 1.25 miles of high quality WW. Hike out 3 miles back to the car.


A nice little view before the start of the hike out.

After the Horsepasture we headed to the North Fork to meet up C McDonald and J Weaver for one last run of the weekend on the North Fork of the French Broad


A little sunshine below Boxcar.

Paddled all of these rivers before but have never been able to catch them all in the same rain event. Such a great way to end the year and start the next one! See yall on the water.
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Re: The most epic paddling weekend

Postby bigtime » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:38 pm

Nice shots, Andy.

Where is this one? Looks awesome!
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Re: The most epic paddling weekend

Postby bdk » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:56 pm

That is Bull Pen rapid on Section 0 of the Chattooga. This bad boy is the put in. on another note how can i get the pics to rotate when posted to the board?

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