Black Friday on The Canyon

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Black Friday on The Canyon

Postby bdk » Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:35 pm

One of my journal entries from my Canyon trip this past March. Cant wait to get back in there with the boyz this coming August. The stoke is high.

March 18, 2016

Good golly! I slept so hard last night, it was amazing. Some how I was able to fall asleep while the boyz were partying on the boat. Been going pretty hard the past week getting everything I can out of The Canyon. I awoke to Ines trying to yell at me in a whisper so not to wake the rest of the crew. I was finally able to figure out what she wanted. She wanted to know how to make coffee. Seriously? Tyler and I chalked her newfound hope to help out to try and impress Steven. First night with the new crew that we picked up at Phantom so the morning had a slow start. Having the extra time this morning was a plus. I got in gear and packed up my personal stuff while enjoying probably a few too many cups of coffee. Turns out Ines was able to make some decent coffee. Eventually the crew packed up and we rowed out for a day of big rapids known as the gems.
Right out the eddy was Granite. Had to listen to this rapid all night. Granite is a pretty good rapid by Canyon standards. Today I had Kristine, Sammy and Adrian in the boat. Granite has huge laterals coming at you from all sides. The rapid is a long sweeping bend to the left with the majority of the water exploding off of the right wall creating huge laterals. Meanwhile there are huge laterals coming at you from the left trying to slam you into the wall or at least render your right oar useless. My two previous runs through Granite were pretty decent so I felt pretty good about it. Moto for this trip is to run the meat. So that is what we did. Rowed down the rapid about and oar length off the wall and squared up to the laterals. Left, right, left, etc. Made it to the bottom and stayed dry. Everyone else had pretty decent runs.
Quick float downstream and we arrived at Hermit. Hermit is a pretty straight forward rapid with five to six massive waves that are all offset from each other. Have to make sure to square up to each of them if you want to keep your rig upright. Some folks were camped at the top of the rapid so we bypassed the scout and rallied in hot and heavy. At first glance it seemed smaller than normal. It didn’t take long for you realize it was not as small as it looked. It seems that you are climbing the waves forever and then you finally reach the peak and drop into the trough of the next wave. The fifth wave is notorious for flipping boats. Have to keep count so you can make sure you are squared up for it. We were able to run it flawlessly and eddied out to watch the rest of the crew. Everyone was jazzed up about the rapid with most them stating that those were the biggest waves they have ever seen. Big smiles all around.
Another quick float downstream and we arrived at one of the biggest rapids in the The Canyon. Crystal. In the guidebook they describe two different lines that can be taken. The Chocoate highway down the left or a right run down the meat and through some massive holes. Only one real option if you ask me. The book also states that there is a small eddy on the right called “Ego Beach”. Named so cause you have to feel pretty good about yourself to run the big holes down the meat and make the small eddy in the middle of the rapid. First trip down the canyon I missed the eddy to give chase to Tyler when his kayak fell off the back of his rig. Second trip I was able to make the eddy which was good thing cause we had a raft get pinned on the rock bar at the bottom. This eddy served as a great place to organize the rescue effort. Why not go for it a third time?
Rolling up to the rapid everyone pulled out to scout. I was choose not to scout and rally into the goods. Jason who was rowing another rig felt as though he was up to the challenge as well. Hollered to him to see if he was going to scout to see the line. He answered no and decided to just roll in with us blue angel style. My man! Gave him some advice and told him that id see him at the beach. I rowed out into the current and got my bearings. Drifted in on the right through some laterals till I saw the holes. Squared up and was able to punch both of them. The second hole sent me left and I started to think we would not make the beach. Got my shit together and pulled/pushed with everything I had. Made it! Victory was short-lived cause Jason got destroyed in the holes. Black side was up when it was supposed to me down. Jason actually made the beach but without his boat. Still counts I reckon. My crew roped him and his crew into the eddy. My boy Tyler gave chase to the boat. Rounded them up and rowed out to help give chase. Found Tyler on top of the boat trying to paddle the 3000 lb boat to sure. Gave him some help and eventually got it to shore.
While all of this was happening the other half of the crew was up on the scouting platform watching it all go down. Once Jason’s boat flipped they all hustled back to the rafts to help give chase. For some reason they choose to take the same line… We were down around the corner and did not have eyes on the rapid, so we did not see their runs. What we did see was a bunch of random shit floating down river. Tyler once again gave chase to random stuff floating down the river. Beers, oranges, sunscreen bottles and many other things. Figured I would take a look over the rock to see what happened. Two more boats upside down! High action at Crystal.
Over the course of the next hour we were able to right all three boats. Took inventory to see if we were missing anything. Biggest loss was 11 chairs and the can crusher. Glad my chair was on my boat. Pretty much everyone gear was soaking ass wet. All Tyler and I could do was just sit there and smile in our dry clothes and comfy chairs. Tonight at camp it was a good time listening to everyone’s perspective on what had happened. Today will be now known as Black Friday. Going to sleep good tonight. Big stars tonight as well.

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