It's called moss...

Since there are several of us boaters who love to mountain bike....
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It's called moss...

Postby Blackwater » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:40 am


...and it gets a little slick!

If you ride on boardwalks as part of whichever trail you are using, watch out for this. Usually, it's not a problem. But, add a little water, and it is like hitting that so-called "black ice" we hear so much about in winter.

I was about a mile into my ride when I hit some this morning. It rained here last overnight, and some water was still getting blown off the leaves where a boardwalk along our trail goes down under the canopy into the woods. I was planning caution for the abundance of slick roots I knew I would encounter given the conditions, but I never expected moss to be a problem, having ridden this trail like 500 times. My front tire broke traction followed a microsecond later by my back wheel, and I hit the deck. Really hard. 20 mph forward momentum & God knows how much vertical speed from falling. Broke my helmet in the crash, too - but not my head. Having a good stiff neck helped, because after slamming the boards, my head went into the pickets during the rest of that split second when I landed. Nothing like seeing it coming for your head as you slide uncontrollably knowing that it's coming too fast to do anything but hurt, and hearing that crunch of things that include vertebrae popping & helmet cracking. As I got up shortly thereafter, I found it hard to stand on the slick black/green goop coating the boards. No damage to bike, no trip to the doctor, and I rode back to my truck & called it a day.

And I called the Public works people to tell them to clean that $#!+ up before someone really DOES get hurt.
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